Marketme TV launch #SmartSocial on Twitter!

Having long been a fan of BBC Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis’s #SBS re-tweets on Twitter along with other known and growing desired awards such as #WOW from Jacqueline Gold and #PurpleBiz from Purple Dog etc. Marketme TV with now over 10,000 fantastic followers on Twitter want to help other growing SME’s on this great social networking platform by offering our very own special #SmartSocial re-tweets for companies demonstrating their innovative use in either social media or video.

We will ask for all entrants to submit a Tweet to @MarketmeTV including both ‘@MarketmeTV’ and ‘#SmartSocial’ in their message along with a few words about what they do and a link to their website so that our company CEO, Christopher Walkey, can view their website and study their useage of social media in driving brand awareness their way.

We plan to run this incentive each and every Sunday morning between 9am – 12pm and will announce the winner that same evening. We understand that things will start slow and we would greatly appreciate any re-tweets that our followers can offer or sharing links through to this blog so that other SME’s get a chance to win. We will re-tweet the winner to our growing number of followers along with an email back to the winner with free appraisal on their social media and any bit of advice we can offer to help increase the winners exposure.

Marketme TV on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Marketme TV launch #SmartSocial on Twitter!

  1. Hello! This sounds like fun. I take it that you have to Tweet ‘@MarketmeTV’ and ‘#SmartSocial’ on Sunday to enter, is that correct? Thanks, Vicky

    • Yes Vicky. Need to mention @MarketmeTV and #SmartSocial and we will enter you in for our CEO, Christopher, to review your social media and also give you a re-tweet and the award. Eventually we should get certifcates designed and sent out to each winner (we are talking to other parties re sponsoring this incentive). More news to follow, just follow @marketmetv to find out more. Thanks, Eve.